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The Disappointing Truth About Victoria's Secret Models

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Don’t be fooled by the pretty faces — Victoria’s Secret models have been accused of some seriously shady behavior. Let’s break down the ugly and not-at-all angelic side of these past and present Victoria’s Secret models.

In December 2018, model Kelly Gale was accused of fat-shaming when she filmed herself jumping rope right outside of an In-N-Out Burger. In one clip, she makes a show of enjoying fruits and vegetables she brought with her to the restaurant, while another shows her setting up exercise equipment at an outdoor table. At best, she was acting desperate for attention — but to many viewers, she was also not-so-subtly shaming people who enjoy fast food.

Gale was chastised by her followers for the stunt, with some pointing out that you don’t need to shame other people for your fitspiration posts.

Watch the video for more about the disappointing truth about Victoria’s Secret models!

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Kelly Gale, hungry for attention | 0:12
Taylor Hill carries on | 0:43
Bella Hadid’s rap sheet | 1:12
Y’all can’t say that | 2:02
Gigi Hadid angers a nation | 2:40
Gigi’s bad looks | 3:30
Culture as a costume | 4:24
Devon Windsor blames the edit | 5:04
Erin Heatherton’s suit collection | 6:02
Miranda Kerr makes headlines | 7:15
Cara Delevingne drops the dimebag | 7:44
Jessica Hart dissed Taylor Swift | 8:22


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