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(6) COSMETOLOGY: CHEMISTRY theory for state board exam

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To help cosmetology, esthetician, barber and manicuring students pass the chemistry part of the SATE BOARD EXAM and get their LICENSE, watch 5 times to have positive recall during the theory examination. Cosmetology chemistry objectives; organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry; matter: stages of matter, forms of water, properties of matter: physical change of matter, chemical change of matter. Elements: simplest form of matter. Atoms; molecules: elemental molecules and compound molecules. Mixtures: physical mixtures (powders, ointments) and chemical mixtures (sugar-water). Solutions: solvent and solute. Liquids: miscible and immiscible. Emulsions; consist of 2 or more immiscible substances. Oil-in-water emulsions; water-in-oil emulsions. Surfactants; hydrophilic (oil-loving) and lipophillic (dirt-loving tail of the surfactant molecule) Alcohols; ammonia; alkalonamines, test for presence of metallic salts in hair using 28% ammonia water and hydrogen peroxide mixture. pH balance; acids and alkaline (base). Acid is pH 0-7. Alkaline pH is from 7-14. Seven has a neutral pH. Water is neutral. Lemon and vinegar are acid. Skin, hair and nails are acid. Baby shampoos are alkaline not to burn the eyes while shampooing, since tears are alkaline. Acid hardens and shrinks the hair (neutralizers), alkaline softens and swells the hair. Chemical reactions: exothermic, endothermic, oxidation, reduction, Redox in haircolor products. Combustion; rapid oxidation. Oxidizing agent; hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, developer. This video is for student to pass state board of cosmetology, manicuring, esthetician and barber licensing for the chemistry part of the written test. Video/power point presentation is by BeautyHealthTravel Channel.
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