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Hydrafacial treatment before and after results, tik toker star Amii Shah's skin treatment, 7 in 1

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hi guys,
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In this video u can know all about hydrafacial treatment ,
RF treatment with LED color therapy, before and after results and reviews in Urdu/ hindi
tik toker star Amii Shah (Amber) ‘s hydrafacial skin treatment has done @Garish Beauty by Madiha
its necessary to take another sitting of skin treatment after 15 days.you should take 6 or 7 sittings to achieve targeted results.
After every skin treatment you should use skin care products( moisturiser, serum, sunblock) for home care
Now a days skin treatments like #hydro dermabrasion, #ultrasonic, #peeling, #radio frequency, #high frequency etc are popular to treat #skin problems and #skin care needs.

I described completely hydro dermabrasion or hydrafacial treatments, RF treatment, ultrasonic and LED color therapy and its before and after results @Gaish Beauty on YouTube channel

It has multiple probes to treat the skin. It’s latest model of 7 in 1 hydro dermabrasion unit
There are 7 probes
1 – hydrodermabrasion
2- oxygen spray gun
3- cold hammer
4- multipolar radio frequency
5- ultrasonic head
6- skin scrubber
7- LED color mask therapy
For Hydrafacial treatment
There are 3 (A B C) bottles along with 3 serums AS1 for bottle A, SA2 for bottle B, AO3 for bottle C.
Back side of the unit it has wastage bottle and water bottle

7 inches screen to operate probes and adjustment of working mode and power of frequency and timing.

Hydrafacial is most popular because of instant skin glowing results
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