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Two-Face Make-up

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My Halloween 2010 costume is Two-Face from The Dark Knight. This video will show you how I applied the makeup by myself. It took almost 3 hours to apply. To get the burnt look for the suit I use a sanding wheel for a oratory tool and sanded the part I wanted to look deep because trying to burn actual fabric did not give me the look I wanted. I cut the eye out of a ping pong ball and painted it. This was only the third time I put a bald cap on myself and it was not easy. The first time was just a test to see if I could do it. Second time was for a costume contest but the makeup did not turn out as well as this time.

Stuff I used for the makeup:
Bald cap, liquid latex, Rubber mask grease paint, 99% rubbing alcohol to help spread the RMGP, Makeup brushes, Wig, latex mouth appliance, cotton swabs, makeup sponge, toilet paper, Pros Aid (a latex based adhesive), foundation powder to set the latex and to set the make up between colors, ping pong ball, duct tape, and a little bit of skill.

The first piece of music in the background is “A Dark Knight” from The Dark Knight Soundtrack. The Second is the theme form the 1989 Batman movie.


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