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(24) Cosmetology: Perm Theory for state board written exam

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(9) Cosmetology: Skin Structure and Function

(8) Cosmetology: Anatomy: Circulatory System

(7) Cosmetology/2, Anatomy: Nerves

(6) Cosmetology/2: Muscles, Myology, Anatomy

(5) COSMO/2 CLASS: Anatomy- Skeletal System, Osteology

(4) COSMO/2 class: ANATOMY- Tissues, Organs, Systems

(3) Cosmo 2 Class: Anatomy: Cells

(2) Cosmo 2: Soft Curl Permanent Class

(1) Cosmo:2 Class: Chemical Relaxers: Types, pH, Lanthionization, Safety

Free Theory review for permanent wave theory test at State board of Barbering and Cosmetology for beauty school students, cosmetologists, cosmetology and barber students to pass the state board written exam and get their cosmetology license or barber license. Permanent waving is chemically rearranging the hair from straight to curly form. Chemical texture services, hair structure; cuticle, cortex, medulla, hair bonds: hydrogen, salt, disulfide and peptide bonds, client consultations for chemical texture services; always ask open-ended questions, fill out a client record card, processing time for perms, wrapping techniques, end results, client release statement for perms and chemical services, analyzing the scalp for perm for cuts, abrasions and diseases. Hair porosity, density, elasticity and hair growth direction for perms. Learn about Permanent wave steps; physical process and chemical process. Learn about Permanent wave wrapping; spiral or croquignole. Perm tools, perm rods; concave, straight perm rods, long perm rods, short perm rods, soft bender perm rods. Learn about the end papers for perm solution, end paper wraps; single flat wrap, double flat wrap, bookend wrap; hair sectioning for the perm, hair panels-sections, subsections-base sections; perm wrapping techniques; spiral and croquignole; piggyback wrap; chemistry of perm waving; ammonium thioglycololate ATG, reducing aging that break down the disulfide bonds, thioglycolic acid, alkalizing agent is added to Ammonium Thioglycolate, Glyceryl Monothioglycolate (GMTG), true acid waves, alkaline perm waves, acid balanced perm waves, and their pH; exothermic waves –heat within, endothermic process –outside source of heat; ammonia free waves; low pH waves with sulfates, sulfites, bisulfates. Learn about perm waving processing time, periodic strand testing; over-processed perm, under-processed perm, neutralization and the time needed to neutralize; neutralizer rebuilds the disulfide bonds, restores the pH balance, neutralizer has an acid pH. Learn about the classification of perm wraps; curvature perm wrap, straight perm wrap, piggyback wrap-double tool perm technique, spiral perm wrap, zigzag perm wrap-bricklay perm wrap, partial perm wrap, perms for men, preliminary test curl. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when doing a perm. Permanent wave procedure. Video by BeautyHealthTravel Channel.


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