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How to Setup Hydrafacial Machine Tutorial | Hydra Facial Radio Frequency Facelift FAQs | AS162

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How to Setup Hydrafacial Machine Tutorial | Hydra Facial Radio Frequency Facelift FAQs | AS162

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Want a young, beautiful, glowing and healthy skin? Maybe you have tried chemical peel product, photon facial therapy or plastic surgery. But you may not get an obvious skincare result. My point? I think you should try a Hydradermabrasion Facial, also called Aqua Dermabrasion or Wet Microdermabrasion.

Hydrafacial machine installation procedure:
1st step: Install the holder
2nd step: Install the bottle on the back. The bottle on the left is the wastewater bottle. Take off this white tip, you can take out the float ball. Rotate the bottle counterclockwise to install it.
The bottle on the right side is the clean water bottle for hydrogen water.
3rd step: Connect handles.
The left side of the machine, connect with the hydra dermabrasion handle, ultrasonic handle, skin scrubber handle.
The right side of the machine, connect with the cold hammer, RF handle, polymer atomizing handle.
Please note here, it has a little needle inside the polymer atomizing tips, make sure it installs well into the tip. About the tip, it has two bulge slots, when you install the tip, make sure they match the groove in the handle and the screw it back tightly.
Connect the power cable.
4th step: install ABC Aqua Peel Solution bottles. Finally, turn on the machine.

FAQs about hydra facial machine
Precautions for polymer atomizing handle
(1)If water leaks from the glass bottle, it might the problem of the polymer atomizing tips. You should pull out the needle which is inside the tip.
(2)If the handle does not spray, try to clean the needle.

Precautions for hydra dermabrasion handle
Block the hydra dermabrasion tip about 1 minute to make the water go through handle after you turn on the handle. It has two tubes inside the handle, one tube is for water to go through, another one is to transfer wastewater.
Water flow knob solution knob suction level knob
Turn the knob clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the water level or power of suction. Please note do not turn the water flow knob to the maximum level, otherwise, the hydra dermabrasion handle would have not suctioned. The best setting is to adjust both knobs to the middle.
Screw the middle knob to choose which bottle you want to treat. A for A bottle, B for B bottle. C for C bottle. D for the hydrogen water bottle.

Precautions for wastewater bottle
when the ball which inside wastewater bottle floats up, it means that you need to dump the wastewater in time

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