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Dermatology & Cosmetology Practice in Ayurveda By Renowned Dr.Raj Satpute Sir

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Dermatology & Cosmetology Practice in Ayurveda By Renowned Dr.Raj Satpute Sir

।। एक: जीवनम् एकम् लक्ष्य: आयुर्वेद 🌿 ।।
।। हृदि ❤️ तिष्ठति संहिता 📖📖📖 ।।

Harshal Vaidya Is Student of Ayurveda From Maharashtra. He Have Started This Channel To Bring Awareness & Confidence In Mind of Ayurveda Doctors Yes In Mind Of Ayurveda Doctors Only. Because Ayurveda Can Treat All Sadhya Vyadhis Present In This Universe Yes on Moon & on Mars Also Ayurveda Can Treat All Sadhya Vyadhi/Disease Because Ayurvedic Principal Don’t Change They Remain Same On Any Planet.

Vd.Harshal Vaidya Channel is like Yagya 🔥 of Knowledge Which is Started By Great Maharshi’s of Ayurved Thousands Of Years Back & We Are Just A Medium Who Are Keeping That Yagya Inflamed By Sharing Our Ayurvedic Knowledge With Thousands of Vaidyas.

I Am So Thankful To All Vaidyas who Have Shared His/Her Lecture With Us On Our Official Email. And Because Of That only All Vaidyas Have Benefited a Lot.

I Request All Legendary Vaidyas & Students Of Ayurved Who Have Better Understanding of Ayurved Plz Come front & Share Your Audio/Video Lecture With Us On Our Official Email Address or on Telegram & Help Us To Keep This Yagya 🔥

Language Can Be :- Hindi English Marathi & Gujarati. ( Hindi Is Best Option. )

Official Email :- unstoppable.harshal@gmail.com

IGNORE e-mails sent to you from any other e-mail addresses.

Note:- I Don’t Reply or Provide Any Health Related Solution on Email.


For More Details Follow Us On Our Official Social Media Sites.

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Keep In Mind Readers Are Leaders.

Must Have Books Collection For Ayurveda Students & Practioners:-

● Basic Books :-
● Basic Pdf Books :-

● Vishram Singh’s Textbook Of Clinical Neuroanatomy 3rd edition :-


● Charak Samhita Collection:-

◆ Charak Samhita Chakrapani Teeka:-

◆ Hindi:-
◆ Hindi Pdf:-

◆ English:-
◆ English All 7 Volumes:-

◆ Marathi:-


● Sushrut Samhita Collection:-

Susruta Samhita Nibandhasangraha Commentary Sri Dalhanacharya :-
◆ Link 1 :-
◆ Link 2 :-

◆ Hindi :-
◆ Hindi Pdf :-

◆ English :-
◆ English Pdf :-

◆ Marathi :-
◆ Marathi pdf :-

Gujarati :-


●Ashtang Hruday Collection:-

◆ Hindi :-

◆ English :-

◆ Marathi :-

Thank You.
Jai Ayurved.🌿


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