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HOW TO MAKE LOTIONS Like A Professional | All Ingredients Explained

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Everything you need to know to START MAKING YOUR OWN LOTIONS today! CLICK HERE For Lotion Ingredient Glossary:

This video breaks down all the ingredients and steps of how to make a lotion, including:
– Water & Humectants that attract moisture to the skin
– Emollients, occlusives & active ingredients that soften & prevent water from leaving your skin
– And all the functional ingredients that turn it into a lotion!

00:00 INTRO
00:32 Why Lotions Need Water
01:43 Why Use Humectants In Lotion?
02:19 What Are Emollients?
03:11 What Are Emulsifying Waxes?
03:57 Is Beeswax An Emulsifier?
04:29 Why Use Thickeners & Stabilisers In Lotions?
05:02 Do Lotions Need Preservatives?
05:52 Why Use Antioxidants?
06:22 How To Make Lotion
08:05 How To Emulsify Lotion
08:57 How To Add Preservatives, Antioxidants & Fragrance
09:53 How To Make Lighter Lotions & Thick Creams



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