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Dermaplaning Tips From A Pro Esthetician (Not Your Regular Dermaplaning Training) | HueVine

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00:00 Cleaning
01:17 Skin-Revealing Solution
02:11 Drying Process
02:33 Dermaplaning, Forehead
08:25 Side Of The Head
09:16 Left Cheeks
10:00 Left Jawline
11:56 Chin
12:58 Left Cheeks, pt. 2
14:03 Between Eyebrows
14:26 Right Side Of Face (Sped-up)
14:35 Right Jawline
15:56 Nose
17:11 Above the Lips
18:35 Under Lips (+ Chin, pt.2)
19:29 Right Cheeks
20:13 Nose, pt. 2
21:35 Finishing Touches
21:40 Under Chin + The End

**This service can be booked after the MI indoor mask mandate is over in January**

Ever wanted to learn the back-end tips from a professional Esthetician? You’re in the right place! We use a special skin-revealing solution to disinfect and bring the up the dead skin cells to the surface. But softening the skin prior is the most important step. ⭐️

Dermaplaning is not for everyone, however. This was done on one of our Estheticians, but if this was customer requested, we would have to decline. If you have a lot of moles or severe acne, you should not dermaplane, as it can cause severe bleeding, and can aggravate the acne even further.

Ask us what service is best for you! 🌟

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