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What's in my Esthetician kit ?! (Aveda Institute)

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Hi loves, today I’m sharing with you what’s in my Aveda Esthetician Kit. How awesome is it we get an IPad!? So many new and funny tools to play with ! Ranging from skincare, makeup brushes, and nail care. I’m so excited to be in the Esthetician field especially with the Aveda institute. I’m excited to learn new tips and tricks & for sure will be sharing the information with you.
Anyways hope you all enjoyed today’s glam!
xoxo, Ash♡
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♡Sephora Tip;
•3 FREE samples of anything that is squeezeable, pumpable, and liquid form from makeup to skin care Sephora Employees are able to give out and make you samples. They SHOULD NOT FUSS. If complaining or making a big deal ask to speak to management because that’s not acceptable.
I do believe Ulta Beauty does samples as well but do not quote me I only know about Sephora because I was a previous estimate employee ✨
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