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Esthetician Q&A Part 2

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Esthetician Q&A Part 2
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A Q&A talking about if I give botox, how I am paid, if I’ve had any client complaints, and more! I hope you enjoy!

1:33 Do you ever want to have your own business?
2:28 After Massage Envy, did you go straight to working at the plastic surgeon’s office?
3:38 Do you give botox?
4:19 Was it ever awkward with your first few clients?
5:20 What skincare brands did you use at Massage envy?
5:56 Do you have weekends off?
6:53 Do you do lash extensions? If so, on yourself?
7:22 Should you go to college before beauty school?
7:49 Do med spas and plastic surgery offices look at Estheticians straight out?
9:55 Do you know anyone that has been an Esthetician on a cruise ship?
10:32 Do you only get paid by the hour, commission, or are you salary?
11:39 Are there multiple Esthetician jobs at a plastic surgeon’s office?
12:47 Can you make an easy living off of being an Esthetician?
15:51 Are you licensed in more than one state? if so, was it easy to get your second license?
17:46 What are your plans in terms of taking a step up in your job?
18: 51 Were you scared of making this life change and becoming an Esthetician?
22:47 Timeline of jobs and education. How did you decide it was the right time to go to NLI?
26: 04 Have you had a client complain about their treatment/your practice?

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